Maltese Snowballs and T-cup Yorkies

Breeding Parti Color

                        Breeding Parti Color Yorkies

This chart shows the averages for breeding to produce Parti Color Yorkies or Parti gene carriers.

This is the average percent, for each type produced, for each litter. Any one litter, except for the first 2, may have more or less of Parti color, Parti Gene Carrier or traditional color.

Parti Color Yorkies bred to Parti Color Yorkies = All Parti Color puppies.


Parti Color to Traditional Color = All Parti Color Gene Carriers

Parti Color to Parti Gene Carrier = 2 Parti Color and 2 Parti Color gene carriers

Parti Gene Carrier to Parti Gene Carrier = 1 Parti Color, 2 Parti Color Gene Carriers and 1 Traditional color

Parti Gene Carrier to Traditional color = 2 Parti Color Gene Carriers 2 Trad
itional colors


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