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Puppy Care


When you pick your puppy up at the airport:

Make sure you bring your photo ID to pick up your puppy.

Bring a blanket and some baby wipes.
Your puppy may have eliminated in its crate.   If so, do not fuss at the puppy.   Puppies under 5 months are still not fully in control of their bladder & bowels.  Use the baby wipes and clean the puppy up, wrap it in its towel, and keep it calm and collected until you get home. 

Have everything BEFORE picking the puppy up!  Don't stop at a pet store with the puppy on the way home.  Get your puppy home and let it explore in a calm environment.
Feed and water your puppy immediately when you get home. It is a good idea to put a bit of Karo syrup in their water the first week they are with you. Keep your puppy warm!

                                                                          **Do not let your puppy become exhausted. ** 
It is recommend that you try to make the first few days together with your puppy as calm as possible, and remember that this is a very traumatic time for your puppy.  Please resist the urge to take your puppy to visit friends and relatives during this period, make this a special time to get to know your puppy and for your puppy to get to know its new home. 
Your puppy will need 2-3 hrs of down-time for every hour you hold or play with them.

It is very important to guard your puppy against Hypoglycemia!!

What Is Hypoglycemia?
Hypoglycemia occurs when your puppy has low glucose (blood sugar). It is common in tiny puppies as they can easily use up what little reserves they have. It's common and has been known to cause deaths if left untreated.
1 trigger of Hypoglycemia is stress (such as going to a new home). Stress may cause your puppy to not feel like eating, which can result in low blood sugar.
 It is ideal for your puppy to eat 3 to 4 times a day. The stress of going to a new home can sometimes deter your puppy from wanting to eat. You can try putting a bit of water over their dry food, to moisten it up.

How do I recognize it?
Your puppy will be lethargic, staggering, acting drunk & can even go into a coma and be unresponsive! 
How do I treat it?

Give 1/2 teaspoon of Nutrical immediately & head for the vet.  If the puppy is unconscious rub the Nutrical on its gums & head for the vet!

 Any good breeder will inform a prospective puppy owner about Hypoglycemia & Nutrical! The best way to guard against Hypoglycemia is to prevent it from occurring!

Every home with a tiny puppy needs Nutrical!
My general rule of thumb, for use the first week in a new home, is this:
1. 3 times a day for puppies under two pounds
2. 2 times a day for puppies between two and three pounds
3. 1 time a day for puppies over three pounds
4. Give a bit after really hard play sessions.
* Nutrical is packed with the nutrients and vitamins that your puppy needs and you can find Nutrical at most pet stores (Pet Smart, Petco)

 Please know that if there is a problem with Hypoglycemia it will usually happen during the first few weeks while the puppy is adjusting to its new environment.


Remember-If you notice the symptoms Give 1/2 teaspoon of Nutrical immediately & head for the vet!!! 





























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