Maltese Snowballs and T-cup Yorkies

As I was saying, the boys are doing great.  The crate-thing is great, and  they have not had an accident in the crate for many months. How are their Mom and Dad doing?  Is another litter due soon or is my timing completely off?  I have had people ask me where we got them, but have hesitated giving them specifics.  If you are routinely going to breed, let me now your time schedule.  With this information, I will do a little marketing for you.

Take care,

Lea, he is just perfect. He is the cutest pup I've ever seen I love him so much already. The girls were super excited and are being really good with him. Curtis had him to the vet already and he did well. We are having him groomed tomorrow at our house he got sick in the car so he needs a bath for sure. I will send you some pictures and thanks for our new addition to the family!!!
Good evening,Ms.Lea We would like to take the time to say thank you for blessing our home with beautiful Devon. He has been playing with his chew toys and loving his bed and blankie so much. We could tell that you give your babies so much love...cause he is very affectionate and loves to give kisses. Thank you for all your helpful tips. Were seriously thinking of adopting another one.he has been a blessing to our family. So are you..may God continue to bless you for you have blessed many homes. We know that you have blessed our home.
Yours truly,Shaun and Rissa
Chase, Rose and I picked them up at the airport and immediately fell in love.  Within five minutes the puppies and the kids were matched up and off we went to home.

The boys chase each other through the house on an hourly basis and then crash for their nap.  They have adapted incredibly well and we have a great routine going.  Our only difficulty is in the bathroom training.  Any tips would be greatly appreciated.

I had pictures taken of the kids with their dogs and I will forward them to you.  We dont know how we ever lived without them.

My father in law was over this evening and he wants one......seriously.......his wife has her 60th birthday coming up in November and he is ready to buy.  They were looking at Yorkies, but found them to be a bit too wild and skitish.  Max would be a perfect fit....he is the one we purchased that looks like a can see a streak of lighting go between your legs, and then the second you pick him up, he melts in your arms.

Anyway, thank you from me and the kids and David...he is in love as well.  Let me know if you can accomodate another sale!



My sister Joanna and I want to tell you that Bear has adjusted well to his new home. Furthermore, we wanted to take the time to say thank you! We knew Bear was the one the moment we saw him. We couldn’t believe why this adorable little puppy was still available, but we’re so thankful he was. Under his calm and shy demeanor lies a lovable, curious dog. Bear garners attention and praise everywhere he goes. He is surely the cutest, nicest, and most adorable dog in town! He has become a wonderful addition to our family, and we couldn’t imagine anyone else! Once again, thank you!

With much gratitude,

Annie, Joanna, and Bear

So far so have done a wonderful job with Rexie...he is the sweetest dog. He was very nervous for the first day and he has started warming up really well. He finally barked a couple of times, but he didn't bark at all for 2 days.

I also gave him a bath on Sunday...Lea he is such a good dog I can't believe it...that says a lot about your temperament. He is extremely spoiled too. I am very happy that I picked him up.


 Dee-Dee is adjusting very well to new environment, and she is such a joy to have around. Yes, I am very much in love. She is so great, very playful. She does sleep with me. She also can stay out all day without having any accidents. The whole family just adores her. The last time I weighed her she was 3 pounds, but that was back in June; so she was 4 months. We'll keep you posted as she continues to progress.  I attached a few pictures for you. Thanks Again.....



Hi Lea,

I wanted to say thank you for inviting Jamia, her mom, and I into your home. We really enjoyed our time with Milo. Jamia has been talking about Milo nonstop since we left. She is counting down the days until Saturday. Milo is gorgeous and we can't wait to welcome him home and shower him with our love.

I was thinking about what you said yesterday about the cage and his discipline. I want to do what's best for Milo so we will cage train him as you suggested. I was thinking of like a play pin area. I'm open to all suggestions that you have to offer. I really appreciate the training tips and look forward to learning all I can about Milo and toy breeds.

I hope that your weekend has been a relaxing one. Enjoy your Sunday and we will see you soon. Thanks again for everything!! I really appreciate you.

Well, Lea, I think it was a total planned blessing that lead me to you and Cody. I think he was meant to be with us. I still pinch myself to think how it all happened and I was just going to look at puppies - not prepared to come home with one - not even a crate to put him in on the ride home. My husband was so surprised when little Cody popped out of my jacket!!! - what a joy - he is a wonderful addition to our lives and fills such a hole in our hearts - thank you Lea - I will always be forever grateful for the extra effort you put into sending him off with me that special day.  I was very impressed with you Lea - your loving attitude - it showed in your loving care for your pups and in your adorable children. What a polite young man you have!
I truly believe in the power of prayer and have included you and your family in mine. Looking forward to seeing more of your pups and hopefully finding just the right little brother for Cody.
Have a wonderful day - Hugs, MaryAnn, Ray and Cody
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